To bowl strikes, ensure the ball hits the pocket with sledge hammer impact by curving it. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. As you might have learned by reading a bit about me I am a very experienced bowler who consistently averages in the range of 220 to 225 on a standard house pattern. Figure out how much a bowl will hold by pouring a pre-measured amount of water from a measuring cup into the bowl. There are gutters on either side of the bowling … So many options! It’s not uncommon for new bowlers to start throwing high games in the low 200’s in the first year, just don’t ever expect it to happen regularly until you’ve put in the time practicing! The images shown are flipping the image (from right side of the body to left side of the body) so you can see the hand placement and release. The bowl is going to be eleptical and the jig for that is complicated. If you were to take a football and throw an underhand spiral to a friend while playing catch you would basically be imitating the motion needed to hook a bowling ball. Sort of. The way to throw a curve or a hook is to have your hand in the ball such that the thumb is positioned in front of your fingers, fingers down under the ball, and at the point of release, you want to rotate the ball so that your fingers are on the side of the ball. So wait it out! Please let me know where I could attend your college! However, you risk the ball turning in your grip, and that can lead to sprained wrists and fingers. Release Right & Curve It. How to Bowl a Straight Ball Consistently. The bowl will curve in the direction of the biased side. Part of the series: Drawing Tips & More. The quarterback will thrown the ball straight down the field but put a spiral on it. Unbeknownst to some, there is a way you can curve and bend the smoke to land wherever you want. The ball should rotate clockwise as it goes down the lane, from the bowlers perspective, so the arrow should be pointing up. Look for a large, colored medallion on the larger side. Bowl Shape. Before long, you’ll be bowling like a pro! Wii Bowling is probably one of the most played video games in the Wii Sports package bundled with the Nintendo Wii. Watch How To Learn Curving A Bowling Ball from the pioneers of how to videos. Align one corner of the 5″ square with the right angle lines on the ruler for cutting the Convex Curve (#1, arrows in photo below). It is always best when learning to bowl to take a lesson from a certified coach. It will keep your wrist strong and aligned for the perfect shot. The guy in the video below explains it correctly, but the arrow in the animation between 4 to 5 is going in the wrong direction. Do not try to turn or curve the ball using your wrist -- it should stay straight and solid through the swing and release. Press the sandpaper onto the curved panel edge and use it as a sanding block to refine the curve on the edging. Now think of a quarterback throwing a football. The simple fact of the matter is that if you are standing on your right foot your arm cannot swing like a true pendulum, it has to swing around your right leg meaning the arm itself has to swing away from your body on the down swing and back in front of it on the upswing. Depending on the amount of rpms the ball rotates at and the speed your ball is thrown at the ball will either hook a little to the left or a lot to the left after it skids down the lane for a bit. If the ball spun the way the animation shows, then it would be rotating on an axis perpendicular to the ground, which is not how it should be. The most important thing is to keep the arm swing below your body straight (no side-to-side arc) and add a single step to your delivery every time you’ve mastered the delivery with fewer steps. During a pro-match you will see a professional bowler, such as Norm Duke or Chris Barnes, take the ball and they will curve the ball so it goes from there release point to almost having the ball spin off the alley, to having it curve back into the middle and it hitting the slot between the first and second pin for a strike!