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The essence of such fight is to determine the pecking order, after which all bucks will start getting along. It is actually an ideal choice for farmers who plan on investing in producing goat meat as it can really be a … Furthermore, it has an extremely fast growth rate, which is further complimented by exceptional carcass qualities. Of course, you must also ensure they will have enough pastureland three months after weaning. As well, some determination and strength is required for trimming the hooves of your animals. The floor of the shelter should be covered with thick layer of bedding, which could either be waste hay, straw and wood shavings (don’t use cedar). Maybe, but we're not so sure. Another important practice is to establish a preventive health program for dealing with internal parasite control. • *You do still need to know the specific weight of a goat … To obtain the best price for your Boer bucks, it is very important to know the right time to sell them. But what exactly makes it quite physically demanding? Temperament. What is the feed conversion ratio for goats? Boer cross kids reach a market weight of 50 to 90 pounds at about 5 months of age. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 27, 2013. At this age, they are most likely to have reached their optima weight and market value. The fact that Boer goats eat a large volume of food means that you have to deal with the task of handling huge bales of hays or 50-pound bags of alfalfa pellets. Manufactured feed should only be used during droughts and winter, when pastures tend to be in short supply. Most matured and well-fed Boer bucks weigh between 100kg and 135 kg. Thus, for you to obtain the best possible result, you really have to show adequate care for your goats. The average lifespan of the Boer Goat ranges from 8 years to 12 years. Average weaning weight is 24.9 kg (DAGRIS 2005). This is because, Boer like every other meat goats cannot tolerate overcrowding and its consequent stress, both of which can cause them to lose weight drastically. They have proven to be very hardy, good breeders, great mothers, and require no special care. Knowing the average daily gain, feed conversion rate, and cost per pound of gain of kids will provide valuable insight into an operation. It is important to keep in mind that a doe could have been bred and aborted during gestation, however. To calculate average daily gain, subtract the birth weight from the weaning weight and divide by days of age of the kid. What is the average weight of boer goats? You can get a simple warmer for $44.95. The ideal breeding age is about 1 year for the doe. Furthermore, many Muslim families prefer goat meat, which incidentally is the main stay of some Islamic feasts like Id al-Adha, Id al-Fitr, Ramadan as well as Islamic weddings and family celebrations. The Boer doe generally has a mean kidding rate of 200%, which implies two kids per pregnancy. However, for most meat goat producers ultra sounding does would be cost prohibitive, so conception rate is typically determined at the end of the kidding season. To calculate average daily gain, subtract the birth weight from the weaning weight and divide by days of age of the kid. Boer goats have long, pendulous ears that quite similar to those of the Nubian goats. United State… All were on a hay and concentrate ration after weaning at 8 weeks of age. But how do you know if the so-called trusted breeder or seller is actually giving you a 100% full blood bucks and does? However, rainy wintry conditions are not good for the goats, as they don’t have adequate fatty layer below their skin, which makes them highly susceptible to pneumonia. The Boer goats have quite similar physiological and physical features with the sheep. Users of medical and chemical products must always read the label and strictly comply with directions on the label. If kids are not marketed at weaning then it is important to record the date they are marketed and their weight at marketing to determine post weaning average daily gain. What is the average weight of boer goats? Boer goats are generally docile, with the does having great mothering skills that supersede other breeds. Thus, they have been reared successfully in cold countries, including Canada. Therefore, hot and dry climate remains the ideal climatic requirements for Boer goats. First and foremost, you have to make sure the kids obtain adequate milk from their mothers. The meat of a Boer goat does not taste as good if the goat weighs over 100 pounds, so it sells for much less money. A very common problem observed particularly in meat goats is that they gradually lose weight. Thus, rearing Boer goats in wetter regions makes them more susceptible to some infections, including worm infection of the lungs, liver and digestive tracks as well as barberpole worm (the blood-sucking stomach worm). But once the nannies let go their first offspring, you have to bring in another Buck, so as to avoid inbreeding. We wean between 56 and 63 days, ONce and a while we will let them go another week, so 70 days. In most cases, such crossbreds are better than purebreds due to a genetic phenomenon known as heterosis. The primary market for slaughter goats is a 22–36 kg (50-80 lb) kid; kids should reach marketable size at weaning age. Goats raised for meat need high quality feed in most situations and require an optimum balance of many different nutrients to achieve maximum profit potential. The only needs of the Boer goats are high quality food and shelter, every other thing is just maintenance. 1,395 Posts . This global recognition is partly due to its massive frame and double muscled. Feeding one goat may cost $15-20/month. Performance records indicate that some goats are capable of average daily gains of more than 0.44 pounds per day in feedlot conditions, with average performance between 0.3 and 0.4 pounds per day. In some cases, this issue can lead to the death of both the doe and its kids. Another suitable option is the high-tensile electric fence. Ok, I don't mean to be a naysayer or "diss" anybody, but there is a local FB page in our area and a farm is selling intact 3 1/2 month old boer kids and says that they weigh 85 lbs. But the ideal expectation of an average goat breeder is two goats per pregnancy. However, the ability to meet the nutritional needs of the goats is one of the primary determinants of its eventual yield. Generally, the Bodyweight of this male goat breed at the time of birth Is 3.5 to 4 kg while The weight of Female goat at the time of birth is 500 g (gram) lighter than Male kid. We compare Kiko Goats with Boer Goats. GoatGateway.com does not in any way influence or control transactions for goods or services between buyers and sellers. If someone is interested in raising goats, he should be having a handy knowledge about the stuff the animal needs to eat. However, as a complete beginner, it is advisable to start small and then grow your herd slowly. The larger percentage of daily gain, the better quality animals you are said to have. In regard to being a rich source of meat, an adult Boer buck can attain a weight of 240 and 300 pounds, while an adult doe can reach the weight of 200 and 225 pounds. When constructing your fence, you must avoid making use of web wire that comes with a six inch by six inch mesh, so as to avoid getting your goats’ horned stuck repeatedly. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL As already pointed out, regular exercise is necessary for good health as well as quality of meat that can be obtained from your herds. But some other animals of different species that can make good companion for Boer goats include dogs and llama. The growth rates of Boer goats are considerably higher than of other breed of goats. Even though growth rate is quite heritable (0.4) in goats, for Average Daily Gain to have any significant effect, both sire and dam must have very high ADG numbers or transmit a genetic tendency to gain weight to the offspring. The login page will open in a new tab. If you breed them once a year (and keeping in mind that well-bred does have twins), after 7 or 8 years they are about spent. Heterosis makes it possible to obtain desirable traits like fitness, heritability and reproductive efficiency through crossbreeding. It is also possible to boost the nutritional levels of the goats’ daily intake through supplemental grazing in wheat pastures, stubble fields and winter rye. Boer goat kept as a pet. To determine post weaning average daily gain subtract weaning weight from market weight and divide by the number of days since weaning. Kidding percentage is another indicator of productivity. Thus, large quantities are being imported primarily from Canada. A typical 75-by 120-foot pole barn that has two enclosed walls, a feeding area, bedding materials and separate pens for kids can cost $24,000, while a 15 by 10 feet shelter for bucks can cost $13,000. As already stated severally, pasture is very essential for the healthy and optimal growth of goats. Please log in again. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Castrated Boer goat male kids in crates had an average feed conversion of 8.99 kg/kg and in pens 9.10 kg/kg (Dreyer, 1975). Breed and muscularity At the same market live weight, Boer goats and their crosses So if you want to rear Boer goats and sheep together, you need to work around this difference. Additional emphases are on well muscled body, overall conformation, red markings on the head and high fertility rate. The next step is to verify if you are buying the correct breed. The main reason behind this is the lack of necessary nutrients in their diet. Kalahari Red goat is a very good meat producing breed of goat. If feed costs are 0.10 per pound then it costs the producer 0.15 cents for each additional pound of gain postweaning. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. In other to obtain the best possible result, it is very important to allocate enough space for your herds of Boer goats. If you fail to provide adequate care for the kids, then you can potentially lose up to 50% of them. If you breed them once a year (and keeping in mind that well-bred does have twins), after 7 or 8 years they are about spent. GoatGateway.com and it's agents and sponsors are not responsible for the content of advertisers' sites or advertised claims. The same behaviours will also exhibited by does that haven’t been together before. However, it is important to note that majority of farmers prefer pure breeding of this variety of goat. Boer cross kids reach a market weight of 50 to 90 pounds at about 5 months of age. weight and dressing percentage is particularly relevant when comparing the rate offered for skin-on to carcase markets. The Boer doe generally has a mean kidding rate of 200%, which implies two kids per pregnancy. These goats are characterized by their long ears and bulgy eyes. 8 lbs at birth plus 100 x .5 = 58 lbs. Mature male Boer goats typically weigh roughly 350 pounds. Each goat requires a minimum of 250 sq ft of space. For such farmers, mandatory regular testing is not necessary. All you have to do is to carry out a test on your own. Skin-on goats will have a dressing percentage 4-5% higher than skin-off goats as the skin is retained and considered as part of the carcase weight. The kids may not be able to put on weight, after 10 days of the post weaning. Boer goats are fast growing goats that are commonly raised for meat. Male Boer goat in highly selected populations weigh 69-130 kg and females of this sort 51-80 kg, with the respective average growth rate of 250 and 186 grams per day. What is the approximate percent crude protein that goats should be fed? A very common problem observed particularly in meat goats is that they gradually lose weight. It is essential to visit the farm and verify their health and living condition. Terms that give an indication of growth rate and cost of production include average daily gain, both pre and post weaning, feed conversion ratio, and cost per pound of gain. However, triplet births are known to occur occasionally. These goats are typically slaughtered when they reach six to seven months of age (when they are about 80 pounds). A meat goat producer who has successfully bred 100% of the does exposed, had a kidding percentage of 175%, and a mortality rate of 5% should be well on the way to a profitable year. Cheerful couple of breeders in barn with goats. This will help you to avoid any potential disease outbreak on your farm. The kids must be located in a separate room with its mother and must be feed with its mother’s milk regularly. This approach will help you to avoid investing all you savings on the start –up. weight and dressing percentage is particularly relevant when comparing the rate offered for skin-on to carcase markets. Ueckermann (1969) fed Boer goat kids three diets: a 60% concentrate, a 60% roughage and a total roughage diet. However, triplet births are known to occur occasionally. But if the grasses are the only source of nutrition, they will have no other option than to chomp on it, but that will be after much bleating. In the Boer goat, as with other goats, the average daily gain (ADG) of the kids is directly related to the milk production of the dam. The largest and the heaviest of the breeds are the meat breeds. Most Boer goats come with distinctive white bodies and brown heads. Thirdly, you also have to take note of the fact that unlike goats, sheep are more of grazers. These should include coat grooming, de-worming, hoof care and vaccinations. The interior part of the building can be split into separate pens for each group of does and kids. A realistic goal for most operations is a 175% to 200% kid crop each year. Such conception is actually appalling. Thirdly, Boar goats don’t require maximum shelter. However, they mostly prefer alfalfa hay as their primary meal source and merely nibble at grasses. The essence is to get yourself familiarize yourself with the history of the animal. They include wheel barrow, boots, and gloves, which can cost; $154.49, $31.29 and $15.59 respectively. Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, dry semideserts. Maybe, but we're not so sure. First and foremost, you need to have a carefully planned forage program in place. Kids in multiple births of more than two are less likely to survive till weaning. The birth weight is 3.2-4 kg. So if you start with four females, you may end up having twelve after one year. Special Considerations. These are equipments necessary for retaining the freshness of the beddings. While, copper supplement is essential for goat, it is potentially toxic to the sheep and can be even fatal over time. Boer goat costs range from $60 to $2,000; nonetheless, average Boer goat rates are around $80 – $150. The first few weeks after birth are crucial for the survival of the Boer kids. You can’t earn much from meat production by restricting your herd to less than 100 acres. The houses should be spacious and sited in high places, and free from worms. These are moderate sized animals that have an average height between 17 to 25 inches and an average weight of 150 to 165 pounds. Another way to avoid this problem is by avoiding overcrowding of the heard. Avoid breeding Boer goats that are too young. So what are your hoped for or average weaning weights at 100 days on boer goat kids? Regular heath testing is very essential, irrespective of the type of type of goat you are breeding, or the obvious state of their health.
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