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Attend our Live webinar session on 19/01/2021 7:00pm by clicking on the link here. Looking back at my past 2 years studying the MBA course, I am filled with gratefulness, mainly for the privilege to expand...", Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics (Single Major), "My choice to study with Murdoch University was due to its highly positive reputation compared to other universities and its association with the Innovative Research Universities network. Murdoch University provides the right study-life balance for students. *Single major refers to Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and  Forensics or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Your future career. Get details about schools, programs and the field of study to decide if any of them might be a good fit for you. This double major requires satisfactory completion of a major study in Computer Science and satisfactory completion of a major study in Marketing, as outlined in the Bachelor of Commerce entry. You will then undertake advanced training, informed by our world-class research, in topics such as secure systems, cryptography and forensic analysis, gaining a solid theoretical foundation to take full advantage of emerging new technologies. It has been a life goal of mine to achieve a Postgraduate Degree. ABOUT THE PROGRAMME. Being able to help them meant that I first needed to upgrade my skills, and this was what motivated me to pursue the MBA. - Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and Management (Double Major) Graduates of these programmes are already employed in civil service and the private sector. I've been told before that having a computer science degree will help me understand to the guts how a computer works and how to crack them. The programme has an integrated technical content (Technical Master of Science in Cyber Security) and a business content (Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor). Students are gaining a strong foundation in computer engineering concepts while applying engineering methodology to solve complex cyber security problems. Receive S$300 referral bursary when you recommend your friend to join our degree programme. Intelligent Systems Close submenu Industry ... College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education; Governance Open submenu. As a part-time student, I appreciate that Murdoch University provides flexible study schedules, suitable for part-time students, and keeps assignment and revision deadlines reasonable for us to cope with. Network and Security Specialist Click here for Terms and Conditions for Rebates and Offers, There are 3 intakes per year: Standard monthly instalments (principal and interest) will commence thereafter. in Computer Science with the M.S. Students interested in two fields of study can pursue a double major or earn dual degrees, depending on their academic and professional goals. A double major in computer science and cybersecurity provides extra flexibility, allowing you to go directly into a job in software development, security or both. It involves database applications, statistics, and foundation in programming. Standard Repayment: Pay your monthly instalments (principal and interest) once your loan is disbursed. These cyber information security specialists protect computer users from hackers and electronic fraud, viruses and worms and more. You want to be able to diagnose the problem but also be able to propose solutions to fix it. Some universities define Dual Majors to be in two similar areas of study. The Degree programme pushed me to work harder, enhanced my writing skills, encouraged my critical thinking and improved soft skills such as time management and team work. A degree with substantial exposure to both areas provides an outstanding start for pursuing graduate school or an immediate career in either area or at the boundary of both. Students who follow one year of their EIT study programme at the University of Twente will choose their courses from the same list of courses as students following the 4TU specialisation in Cyber Security. You will gain fundamental knowledge in programming, networking, operating systems and security, as well as become a strong problem solver. I believe that this Master of Business Administration Degree I’ve obtained, would help enhance my leadership skills to lead a team. Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structure will be awarded Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Computer Science (Double Major) from Murdoch University. Through a Murdoch Double Major Degree in Cyber Security and Criminology, you will develop a broader grasp of various facets of crime, bolstering your criminology knowledge through the understanding of cybercrime and computer security. I particularly enjoyed the Leading the Engaged Enterprise module. Equipping myself with these new skills has helped me to better engage my team and clients. There are more degrees created all of … One of these two years can be carried out at the University of Twente. Security Architectures and System Administration For Computer Science major, students may be required to complete ICT167 Principles of Computer Science (as a general elective) if they are not exempted from this unit. Those who pursue a degree in this field learn how to protect internet data and solve cyber crimes. Meta description (165 characters including spaces): Learn how to design, develop and maintain safe networks and computer systems with a Computer networks and security major in Information Technology at Monash. Ms Genevieve Teo, a Bachelor of Science in cyber security and forensics and criminology (double major) undergraduate, says: “As classes are held … Successful graduates will easily find positions in the product service sector (e.g. A Kaplan representative will be in touch shortly. Programme taken: Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics (Single Major). View details to RSVP. Juggling work and study was a challenge. Cyber security is one of the principal areas of study within Computer Science that is comprised of the body of technologies and practices designed to protect networks, devices and computer programs from attacks that involve malicious software. However, if you are going to make the most of this, you need to carefully consider what sort of path you are going to go down. Therefore, I believe it is a suitable choice for students aiming for career progression. Graduating with a major in Cyber Security and Forensics will equip you with the skills you need for professional IT roles aimed at securing our digital future. The programme duration is two years. T&Cs apply. Systems Analysis and Design Thank you, Murdoch University and Kaplan, for providing me this life-changing opportunity to study your MBA programme. Through a great consultation provided by Kaplan, I chose Murdoch University as they offer a lot of learning support, and I felt more confident studying with them to achieve my educational goals. Students who earn a double major in computer science and finance should have the analytical skills needed to pursue a career as a financial analyst. Professor Wu’s research focuses on social computing, information search and analytics, cyber security, Internet architecture and protocols. Many have said that networking is the best part of the MBA programme and I agree. The friendships forged and the discussions we had enabled me to broaden my perspectives. *Units common to both majors need to be taken only once. I decided on a Double Major Degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management with Murdoch University as it is an internationally recognised University. It may appear that choosing between a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and one in computer science comes down to studying security or the broader general category of computers. Cyber Forensic Investigator, Cyber Security & Forensics and Banking Each unit is assessed by any combination of class participation, written assignments, project or examinations. Some of the many career options include: network designer, network administrator or auditor, security analyst, IT forensics consultant, security architect or information security manager. In fact, it was thanks to the Degree that I was able to apply for a management role in the AES, and I aim to set up my own business eventually. Click here for other versions of the curriculum. Australia’s external spending on cyber security products and services grew by 8 per cent in 2018 to $3.9 billion (Australian Cyber Security Growth Network). This course is accredited at the Professional level with the Australian Computer Society (ACS). I'm a user experience researcher - I study how humans interact with computers and how to improve user interfaces and experiences with tech devices using social science research. Highlights of Our Computer Science – Cybersecurity Degree. That’s a rather unique question, as very few schools I’ve heard of have a dedicated cyber security program. Some advice I will give to those who are considering a Postgraduate Degree is to be certain of your reasons for doing so. Partial Repayment: Pay partial instalments for up to 3 years or till the end of your programme, whichever is earlier. Systems Analysis and Design For example, two majors in Chemical Engineering and Art History (unrelated disciplines) will result in a Double Major at these institutions. Taking a Double Major Degree is what I recommend. Student Learning Outcomes. Double majors are normally awarded within the same school or department. By submitting your request for prospectus, you have given your consent for a Kaplan representative to contact you. Being a full-time working adult while taking an MBA was no easy task as I needed to find a new momentum in my daily routines. For more information on EIT Digital, entry universities, the application procedure and tuition fees, visit the EIT Digital website. An integral part of the second year is a master’s thesis consisting of 30 credits. Please refer to the official price list for a detailed breakdown. I selected the Banking and Finance specialisations as I often work with banks and other financial institutions and knowing how they operate helped me understand my clients better. You are required to take 60 credits of dedicated Cyber Security courses in your exit year. Cyber security specialist was the #2 emerging job of 2020 (LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report). As a student at the EIT Digital Master School, you will not only gain fundamental knowledge and skills on a technical topic, but also learn how to commercialise your innovative ideas. Academic Catalog. IT Professional Practice Project, Computer Science Murdoch University Graduate, Valedictorian (2020). The insights gained from this module have definitely helped me with that. Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computer-based system design, development and operation. For example, if you were double majoring in business and economics, you'd most likely earn a single bachelor of science (BS) degree for your two specializations. By registering for this preview, you have given your consent for a Kaplan representative to contact you. BSc (Hons) in Mathematical and Computer Sciences (Double Major) This curriculum applies to students admitted in AY2019/2020 (or later) who are pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical and Computer Sciences (Double Major). The best … Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Forensics and Computer Science (Double Major) "Believing that there was an increasing demand for labour in the IT sector, I chose to broaden my knowledge in two specialisations, Computer Science and Cyber Forensics. The course provides a solid foundation in computer science and cyber security, including coding, mathematics and basic engineering. Although an education in general computer science can be quite valuable, you … Why Study Computer Science with a Concentration in Cyber Security at Iona? I checked with my school, and they actually do have another associates degree for cyber security that has almost all the same classes. For the same reason, I would recommend others to take this up as well. After inquiring about being able to do a double major, I found I could. Cyber Security & Forensics and Management English Requirement for International Students: Students will attend a combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops in this programme. However, it is through these challenges that I am also thankful for the meaningful experiences and professionalism that Murdoch University at Kaplan has offered. See which top-ranked schools offer programs in computer security. T&C apply, subject to bank’s approval. The EIT Digital Master School offers an international master’s focusing on ICT Innovation, combining and integrating technical majors with a fully standardised minor on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. While studying part-time, I found the Knowledge Management and Strategic Management modules to be beneficial as I was already exposed to some of the learnings during my service in the SAF as well as in my current employment. In addition, thanks to Murdoch University’s unparalleled industry links, students who are enrolled in the Public Relations Major like myself will automatically receive student membership in the Murdoch University Singapore-IPRS Student Chapter, where we get to tap into the knowledge and experience of industry professionals. I feel that the lecturers are professional, sharing their work experience as a reference for us on several subjects. “Education”. They are also an integral part of our daily lives. Typically, the course modules or curriculum used in Cyber Security degree programs are similar to those used in a Computer Science degree program. To contribute to the national focus on growing the pool of cyber security professionals in Singapore; ... by the time of graduation: Strong knowledge of computer science foundations and fundamentals, including (a) ... 16 MCs of the 48-MC second major can be double counted with the primary major… The EIT Digital Master in Cyber Security is a double degree programme where you will study at a university in one country in the first year - the entry year - and continue at a university in another country in the second year - the exit year. Liberal Studies: 48 credits 3. Information Security Policy and Governance By 2026, Australia will need 18,000 more cyber security workers. Cybercrime has quickly risen to become a top-level national security priority across the globe. Successful completion of a recognised approved Diploma qualification or higher, where the language of instruction was English. Another 10 credits will be used for the course in Research Topics, consisting of a 6 credits I&E minor thesis and a 4 credits state-of-the-art preparation for your master's thesis. Now that I am starting college (Technical support/ cyber security course), my instructor (who has been training in cyber security for 3+ years so far) has told me that I should go with the cyber security degree and … The fees above have been updated and are accurate as of 11 Oct 2018. Cyber Forensic Investigator Despite being in an adult learning environment, some lecturers even made the class interactive by implementing games and rewards to encourage us to do well in class. Individuals in this field get to use problem-solving skills on a routine basis. Here are our top five states for those looking to move up or join the field of cybersecurity. Cyber Security Analyst My choice of this Double Major not only combined both my interests, I believe it will offer wider career prospects and give me the competitive advantage for my future career. With its flexible study schedules for part-time students, experienced lecturers and recognised accreditation, I could not ask for more. Go to our double degree overview to find out more about other double degrees opportunities at the University of Twente. To further extend my knowledge to improve my management skills, I decided on studying Double Majors instead of a Single Major, and I would recommend others do the same as. Computer science is a growing field that is showing no signs of slowing down. S$20,800.80 (Single Major*) payable in 4 instalments, S$26,536.00 (Double Major) payable in 4 instalments. A double major, or dual major, is the act of pursuing two majors, with both typically falling under the same degree.
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