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Log off and then back on to be sure that the new password works. Hopefully, this will get indexed and save some people some time in figuring it out… The NMC rebooted (confirmed by event log) and the two files cfg2.db and net.db were both recreated. After a successful login, you will be sent to the APC UPS Dashboard. Enter 'apc'. Links to configuration options are visible but disabled. Press the reset button, the LED will flash alternately orange and green. I would strongly recommend this product for anyone who has Smart UPS. Boy, we really have good security on doing certain things now that I think of it and working through this issue, lol. On iReasoning, there is a load MIB option under File menu. Wybierana przez użytkownika ochrona hasła. But I want to be able to use the app. Installations- und Schnellstarthandbuch Network Management Card Netzwerkmanagement-Karte AP9617 AP9618 AP9619 These will be done via the user interface. Some common ones: In my case, I'm using the first port on the USB to Serial adapter, so I will use '/dev/ttyUSB0'. What is the procedure to do that SNMP operation, I've never done that before. Dieses Handbuch ist in Deutsch auf der APC Webseite (www.apc.com) verfügbar. As the NMC master, I am confident! Press the Reset button a second time immediately while the LED is flashing to reset the user name and password to their defaults temporarily. The Network Management Card uses the default gateway to test the network when traffic is very light. We should be able to get it working. Remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS by connecting it directly to the network. Zawiera: CD z oprogramowaniem, User manual. Well, the problem is that the NMC will reboot using reboot command which device user does not appear to have access to! The one we've used quite successfully is the Antaira UTS-1110A, but almost any adapter you can find at your local computer store will work. Run the Firmware Upgrade Wizard. If you are asked to change the password, proceed under 'New Secured Firmware'. If you are using a KVM, configure the administrator user name and password in the KVM configuration file /etc/pm.APCPDU. AP9630. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für APC AP9630 NMC UPS Network Management Card 2 10/100 bei eBay. I was able to Telnet in as device/apc and check the NMC firmware version and its v6.0.6. • Default Username: apc • Default Password: apc. No upgrades or downgrades were done on the firmware. Out of the factory the Management port is set to a static address of Connecting your laptop and setting a manual IP on the same range allows you to access this interface. I can login on the website version and interact without issue. I have three APC PDU AP7900 and I’m about to dispose of one of them. You may need to come to the website manually to attach it. I could still log onto the NMC with the username/password apc/apc at the time so I decided to reset the card. Klickt man auf den Link (AP9630) kommt man auf die Produktseite der Nachfolgekarte. Also, read/write communities should be public/private respectively so just type 'public' and 'private' in those fields, similar to a password. I highly recommend using verions 5.0 of the ip configuration wizard and also upgrading the firmware to version 5.1.7. This is needed for ScanCore to monitor the UPS. . The NMC uses the default gateway to test the network when traffic is … The default user name is ' apc ' and the default password is ' apc ' as well. Resetting the NMC to default should not trash the apc user account unless there was a problem with the card or there is is a known bug in the firmware. This page has been accessed 43,388 times. Or, the UPS may need to be reset itself. Rated 5 out of 5 by NetAdmin from Good buy I recently installed this after having purchased it serveral months ago. So there is nobody over there we can get to force a reboot via pinhole reset button or re-seating the card if SNMP is not an option? I need to verify what "Initializing data in the /db/eventcfg.db file. Antwort melden; Frage Hardware Peripheriegeräte. In stock on January 16, 2021. I can't think something we could do to force a reboot with device level access. 1 Solution. Since the device user only access to the device (UPS), it also won't allow us to trigger an NMC setting change I can think of to force a reboot after an expired user session. APC 1500VA Smart UPS with SmartConnect, SMC1500-2UC Rack Mount … Configuring Network Settings Username: apcsetup Password: apcsetup (Upon first logging in the password will be required to be changed) Instructions can be found in knowledge base FA234266. Hold down the Reset button for 20-25 seconds, ensuring … And what specifically did you do to "reset" the card - reboot it or reset to defaults? You will be on the Administrator level. Then, load the MIB I am attaching to this post into the MIB browser which contains all of the SNMP OIDs/data points the APC products support. Interestingly enough I ftp'd into the NMC as device and deleted both the cfg2.db and net.db files. The default user name is device, and the default password is apc. I like to wipe the configuration from equipment prior to disposal. Connect to the UPS using the USB cable or RS232. Its a Smart-UPS 2200VA USB & Serial. Hi all, I have inherited a couple of Smart UPS RT 3000 (I think - one's branded Dell and the other is unbranded) with AP9618 Network Management Cards (NMC) attached that were set up previously but is no record of username passwords (not apc/apc), IP addresses or MAC addresses and have uninstalled the PowerChute software as I can't get into it.
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