Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files Characters – is an anime from studio »Pierrot Co., Ltd.« that falls into the main genre of Fighting-Shounen. Impressed by Itsuki's laid-back and matter-of-fact behaviour Sensui decided to let the demon live, slowly the two became best friends and partners against other demons. Drabbles are unrelated. Yu Yu Hakusho 40 Fav. During the Chapter Black Saga, Itsuki is a member of Sensui's Seven. He normally kept his hair slicked back, with a bang arching slightly over his forehead. By the time Yusuke and his friends Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei make their way passed the other five followers, Itsuki's has all but torn apart a portal to demon world and was taking a break since the space had been made weak enough for the demons on the other side to steadily wear it open. (Rubber Mascot(Back side) has little discolored.). Yu Yu Hakusho Big Bang 2017; 1980s; Summary. Evil-doer Friday, January 24, 2020 How they compare: Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho) Once there was a boy with an extreme spiritual aura, and so he was contracted by spirit world to act as a defender of the human world against the demon world as a spirit detective. Bui, Sensui Seven Yu Yu Hakusho 40 Fav. Itsuki's objective is to open and stabilize the portal, Itsuki (Gatekeeper) taking care of Sensui's body. Itsuki Itsuki controls a being known as the Reverse Man, a shadow living between dimensions. Sensui vs Hokushin. "Itsuki the Dark Comfort") within Sensui's Seven. Rinku vs Suzuki. Sensui eventually returned to confront the spirit world with a plan to break down the barriers between the human and demon world. Itsuki finds the lose of innocents literally erotic and Sensui had caught his eye as one of the purest people he had ever seen, the novelty of which made the spirit detective an obsession for Itsuki, who followed him from the shadows, occasionally protecting him from other demons he found stalking Sensui with less philosophical/erotic motives. Over time the two became friends and later lovers and Itsuki was even allowed to accompany Sensui in his duties as spirit detective. ItsukiYaminade Sakyo | Dragon Quest. Itsuki warned them if they killed him they would be stuck in the Uraotoko forever ensuring he could not be harmed, instead Itsuki allowed Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara to witness the fight thorough the Uraotoko's eyes. Itsuki is one of Shinobu Sensui 's six followers ready to help him end the world. Sensui and Itsuki were sent to disband the Black, Black Club, a group of human mobsters who were getting rich off demon-trafficking. Itsuki was once a felon demon who was hunted down by Shinobu Sensui during the latter's spirit detective days. Itsuki is renowned for his unwavering love and loyalty to Shinobu Sensui, which budded from a morbid fascination with the young Spirit Detective's ruthless methods of eradicating demons and his immaculate moral character. Genbu, Team Toguro Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yu Yu Hakusho acrylic stand Sensui Itsuki POP UP SHOP limited at the best online prices at eBay! As Itsuki explains more about the bizarre Sensui, Koenma prepares to use his most powerful weapon to create a barrier that may stop the demons from flooding Living World. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. From that moment on Itsuki remained the close friend and confidant of the mentally disturbed Sensui, who at developed an ardent hatred towards humanity and several personalities. Yu Yu Hakusho 40 Fav. Kurama. Elder Toguro | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Itsuki?oldid=4048369. It was Itsuki who told Sensui of demon world and also of the portals which connected it with the human world. 4. Itsuki was missing his right eye, which was the part of the Uraotoko slashed to tear it apart but was otherwise unharmed. How to Draw Itsuki from Yu Yu Hakusho.Itsuki is also known as the Gatekeeper. haha. Karasu | Sensui spared Itsuki after a brief talk and they eventually became friends, Itsuki even becoming Sensui's partner. Itsuki is familiar with all of Sensui's alternate personalities, stating that he's especially fond of Naru; Sensui's emotionally vulnerable female personality. Kuwabara vs Shun-jun. Summary. To him, Itsuki was only a friend, and he was the upstanding defender of justice with no flaws in sight. Though Itsuki is never seen in direct battle he has displayed a variety of powers to help along Sensui's plan, in his previous life as a spirit detective's assistant and to restrain Sensui's enemies. He wears a purple long Japanese vest with a pale yellow long sleeved traditional kimono shirt, a matching traditional pants, white tabi and a matching geta sandals. Though the unusual length of his limbs gave the illusion of a slend… Stalking, Watching people lose their innocence, Sex with Sensui, Keeping lesser demons as pets And Younger Toguro the series antagonist during the Dark Tournament Saga. Byakko | This request sparked an interest towards the demon since Sensui was also watching that same television series. Itsuki (Yu Yu Hakusho) 40 Fav. wished to use it to his advantage to open the barriers in place deeper in the portal allowing the bigger creatures in the depths of demonworld to break-out. ... (and that was kill Itsuki's pet [I'm a huge Itsuki fan]), but with that aside, he's my favorite protagonist. Itsuki is also similar to one of Togashi's characters from Hunter x Hunter, Knov, whose powers allowed him to create portals in another dimension by his will. Seaman | Itsuki is a gay character from Yu Yu Hakusho. 23 min 1994-07-02 CAD $2.99. The Doctor | Itsuki Yyh - Yu Yu Hakusho Monster Strike is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. After Sensui is defeated by the Raizen possessed Yusuke, Itsuki tells the group that Sensui was going to die soon anyway from a terminal illness. After having beaten Itsuki into submission Sensui offered the demon one request before he could kill him. Yu Yu Hakusho Sensui is as big of a Kinsey 6 as a Kinsey 6 can get.. First off, the Seven has no girls in a series filled with (by Shounen standards) action girls and cool big sisters.Hell, there were even girls in both the Dark Tournament and the Demon World Tourmanent, fighting. Yu Yu Hakusho 40 Fav. >Everything Togashi does is on purpose. 41 Fav. They spent years planning the extermination of the entire human race by means of a portal that would allow A and S class demons to enter the human world. Toguro himself even remarked he didn't like the way Butajiri played dirty. In love villains, Demon. Origin Welcome to the Yu Yu Hakusho Forums, where you can discuss Yu Yu Hakusho and other great anime, and roleplay using your own character or a canon character. Yu Yu Hakusho 40 Fav. Afterward, he takes Sensui's body through a portal, for them to spend eternity in seclusion and peace. As he is the only one in Ningenki who can do something like that. Occupation Itsuki is familiar with all of Sensui's alternate personalities, stating that he's especially fond of Naru; Sensui's emotionally vulnerable female personality. Sensui abandoned his role as spirit detective and Itsuki left with him. Hobby However, this does not rival his affection for Sensui's original, untainted personality. The chaos sewn also served to distract spirit world from seeking out Itsuki while he worked on the tear and allowed Sensui to size up the spirit world's new spirit detective Yusuke Yuramashi. Itsuki (Yu Yu Hakusho) is a character from Yu Yu Hakusho. Gourmet | Free shipping for many products! Type of Villain The two had successfully infiltrated the headquarters of the Black Black Club and decided to spilt up to cover more ground. Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 242 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Published: 6/27/2005 - S. Sensui, Itsuki - Complete Hope's Wings by WolfBane2 reviews While the two spirit detectives fight, Itsuki muses on his connection to Sensui and the connection that two of the Rekai Tantei share, as well as what everyone wishes to know: Life's purpose. In truth the fight with Yusuke was a decoy, Sensui had suspected Kuwabara had the power to cut through space and. Itsuki is the only demon other than Elder Toguro to follow Sensui. Yu Yu Hakusho ‪Season 4‬ ... As Itsuki explains more about the bizarre Sensui, Koenma prepares to use his most powerful weapon to create a barrier that may stop the demons from flooding Living World. Ghost in the Shell. Humans and demons exist as living beings, openly acknowledging each other, and shinigami exist to manage the afterlife. Goals Shinobu Sensui Dimensional shiftingControl over feral demonsTelepathyChannelingTeleportationSpeed Itsuki was eventually cornered by Sensui with no place to run, when Sensui asked if Itsuki had any final requests Itsuki requested to live one final day so he could catch the final episode of  his favorite television show. Shinobu never visibly reciprocates Itsuki's love on screen. A small collection of drabbles, featuring some of Yu Yu Hakusho characters. Hakusho) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. Itsuki is Sensui's right hand man in carrying out Sensui's evil plan. Crimes against humanityGrand-larcenyCriminal negligence Final Fantasy. While Itsuki found a site to act as a beacon for the demons and attempted to create a tear in reality for the demons to flood through Sensui's other five followers attempted to destabilize the city that was to be become ground zero. Though he fears for Sensui's life and does not wish to see him die or even destroy the world he had never stopped Sensui instead wishing to see how far Sensui could fall from his previous station as a pure and self-righteous demon hunter. According to Itsuki he had noticed Sensui while he was working as earth's spirit detective killing demons. Butajiri, Stalking, Watching people lose their innocence, Sex with Sensui, Keeping lesser demons as pets. Sensui's assistant Itsuki (YuYu Hakusho) Drabble; Drabble Collection; Friendship; Short & Sweet; Sweet; Canon Compliant; Post-Canon; Fluff and Angst; Summary. He explains his feelings for Sensui, as well as the truth behind his separate personalities. It is a very clean transparent background image and its resolution is 580x560 , please mark … GatekeeperMr. Itsuki was the first demon which Sensui spared from death. Sensui had recruited like-minded nihilist humans like himself as his followers though Itsuki is perhaps the only one to not hate man-kind, instead his motivations are based solely on his attraction to Sensui. With no one in a condition to fight him, Itsuki took Sensui's body and spirit with him into one of the many infinite corners of limbo to spend the rest of eternity together. Younger Toguro | Crimes Madoka Magica. He's determined and very caring. Anime/Manga: Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction archive with over 25,274 stories. Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach are Alternate Continuity versions of the same universe The universe has three dimensions: Spirit World, Human World, and Demon World. Yu Yu Hakusho Music Battle Edition 2 (1994) 「幽遊白書」~ミュージックバトル編 2 *A prayer for Rokurou Naya (Sensui), Kouji Tsujitani (Itsuki) and the singer … ItsukiOne potentially underrated villain from Yu Yu Hakusho is the passionately twisted Itsuki, who … Sensui had murdered every member who had participated in the Black Black Club's yearly ritual of bathing in the blood of several demons which they had tortured to death. He doesn't participate in the battles, but keeps Yusuke's friends contained in an alternate dimension while Sensui fought Yusuke. Itsuki literally gets off on seeing people who in their youth were pure lose their purity and become depraved, he likens watching a little girl who believes in babies coming from the stork then growing-up to be a prostitute, as being like an exquisite porno to him. Saint Beasts During their imprisonment in the Uraotoko Itsuki reveals his and Sensui's past to the heroes. Sensui and Itsuki were sent to a Black Black Club party where the entire group was said to show up, Sensi's mission would have dealt a critical blow to the demon-trafficking. The four arcs of Yu Yu Hakusho are not only unique, they're constructed in a manner that allows its protagonists to develop their strengths and experiences in the right order. Sensui laughed at the request, and for the first time stopped to talk to one of the demons he was sent to kill. When Itsuki had regrouped with his partener he had found Sensui drenched in the blood of the club members. that would lead the demons into Human World. After a traumatic experience where Sensui saw the true depravity of human nature, Itsuki went along with his plans to destroy the human race and open a large portal … Full Name Kōji Tsujitani (Japanese), Jerome Fifty-Seven (English). Itsuki is renowned for his unwavering love and loyalty to Shinobu Sensui, which budded from a morbid fascination with the young Spirit Detective's ruthless methods of eradicating demons and his immaculate moral character. Sensui was a tall, broad shouldered, long-limbed man with tan skin, an ovoid jewel in the middle of his forehead and a rather long neck. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Itsuki replied that his favourite television show was going to air it's final episode the next day and as such wishes to be left alive long enough so that he may view the series finale. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yu-Yu Hakusho. Since Sensui's Seven each represent one of the seven deadly sins, Itsuki represents Lust in his desire for Sensui and manipulating him towards the path of depravity. Itsuki was the first demon to ever achieve any level of empathy with Sensui and ultimately what lead him to question his before-hand ironclad belief that all demons were evil and all humans good. Add a couple of circles for the eyes and start outlining his vest. The members had already left when the two arrived but the party had gone on. Gamemaster | Eventually Sensui caught-on to his stalker and proceeded to kill him, for no other reason than Itsuki was a demon. Powers/Skills YuYu Hakusho Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Assemble a Dream Team of Five Favorites! However, this does not rival his affection for Sensui's original, untainted personality. Chaos - Kurama & Hiei (Gen) 3. Gatekeeper | Itsuki also has a twisted sense of humour and enjoyment, as he states that as Sensui's mind became more and more twisted after Sensui's last Spirit Detective case, Itsuki did nothing as he enjoyed watching his soul darken. The third season of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime series, known as the Chapter Black Saga, was directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by Fuji Television, Yomiko Advertising and Studio Pierrot.The episodes were released in North America by Funimation.Like the rest of the series, it adapts Yoshihiro Togashi's Yu Yu Hakusho manga from the thirteenth through seventeenth volumes over twenty-eight episodes. Younger Toguro vs Itsuki. The metamorph demon, Rando, the Four Saint Beasts, the Dark Tournament, and Sensui's Sacred Energy are all essential footholds on Yusuke's path to find himself. / Drabbles 1 to 5 were created for YuYear 2017 (Tumblr) 1. Help SensuiSee how far Sensui can go over his own Moral Event Horizon Sniper | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. https://yuyuhakusho.fandom.com/wiki/Itsuki?oldid=35467. This was fun and cool and now I want to go back and re-watch a bunch of Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei. Itsuki is one of author Togashi's favorite characters; he stated after the series ended that he wishes he had been able to expand on the character's twisted psyche. Steins;Gate. Itsuki is voiced by Kōji Tsujitani in the Japanese version and by Jerome Fifty-Seven in the English dub. In flashbacks, he is seen with his hair tied back in a ponytail adorned with a ribbon and wears a traditional Chinese-style outfit reminiscent of Hiei and Kurama's clothes in the Dark Tournament but in a traditional Japanese-style. >Yu Yu Hakusho has a gay couple: Sensui and Itsuki, showing Togashi’s willingness to include gay relationships in his stories. The True Face of Sensui . Itsuki is also the only member of the Sensui Seven that loves humanity, however Itsuki loves humans for the same reason all the others hate them, he finds humans capable of unspeakable evil. Eventually Sensui did kill Yusuke and as Sensui had planned it motivated a drastic increase in Kuwabara and the others' powers, Kuwabara used his spirit sword to slice through the Uraotoko and the three chased Sensui into the demon-world portal ready to tear down the demon barrier to exact revenge. Zerochan has 18 Itsuki (Yu Yu Hakusho) anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Sakyo | To claim he does not know how fans would interpret scenes like “Gon is light” is to imply he’s ignorant; to claim this is all bait is to call him a hack who has to resort to pandering. Lupin the 3rd. He wore a casual long-sleeved gray shirt, dark gray jeans with a matching black belt on his waist and a matching shoes making his outfit into a shades of gray. But Kuwabara had not tapped into his full powers so he had neither the ability nor the will to open the spirit filter within the portal. Although he has strong psychic abilities, he needs another ability which can tear dimensions. Itsuki displays an externally stoic, relaxed, and philosophical demeanor; rarely showing signs of agitation. You'd think that, in such a 'verse, they'd have a token female as part of that group, but NO. 40 Fav. This ship is important because, technically, Sensui’s relationship with Itsuki is the only other canon romance in Yu Yu Hakusho besides Yusuke x Keiko, Kuwabara x Yukina, and Genkai x Toguro. Yu Yu Hakusho They were enemies when they first met and Itsuki lost the fight, but Sensui spared him after seeing a glimpse of his human side. In an effort to give the two detective a climatic one on one battle Itsuki ordered his pet shadow demon who he had named, Uraotoko (Reverse Man), to swallow Yusuke's friends trapping them with him within the creature's innards, which were it's own pocket dimension. Itsuki said that the battle was over and though they had won spirit world had no claim to Sensui as they had made him what he had become, a remorseless killer that eventually turned on them when he lost empathy with the humans. Jubilant - Botan 2. Elder Toguro, Black Book Club Also, why does everyone hate Kaito? But this was the beginning of the end, as he himself had some flaws that only Itsuki was perceptive enough to see. He wears a red sleeveless undershirt, white sleeveless loose tunic, and a yellow obi sash tied around his waist. He also noted the portion of the plot where Itsuki speaks inside the Reverse Man to be his favorite of the series because it reflects how the mangaka was feeling at the time. Sensui snapped and when Itsuki found Sensui he was covered in blood with everything, human and demon, in the room dead. In particular, due to the corrupt rulings against Yusuke's team during bouts 2 & 3, Younger Toguro would have never allowed the spirit detective to die since he honored his end of the bargain. In his first meeting with Sensui in his high school years, his hair is loose like his current self and wears a modern casual outfit.