In the event of Twitter’s eight birthday, March 21, the micro-blogging website has launched a simple tool to check your first ever tweet. From his official declaration of candidacy in June 2015 through the four years of his presidency, he tweeted over 34,000 times. Co-creator Jack Dorsey tweeted the simple message "just setting up … By Catharine Smith. Behold perhaps the best first tweet you've ever seen. Donald Trump's use of social media attracted worldwide attention. engaging with them has been eye-opening on how they have become a force to reckon with. After a, erm, rousing start like that, how could the masses resist? To celebrate, we’re republishing the first Tweet ever (above) plus some interesting Twitter facts: 16% of US Internet users now … On Twitter, of course. The first ever tweet was posted nine years ago today and the rest, they say, is history. So crazy looking back," the star said of her first-ever tweet on March 21, 2009 By Eric Todisco October 15, 2019 09:10 AM Highway with NoA, my 3, wants my approval to change lanes. CIA@CIA Follow. The first time I ever came across a tweet on #BLM, I thought it was entirely a fad or just another trending social movement. Cool reached the summit yesterday for the ninth time and sent the tweet from a sponsored Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. Watch first tweet ever videos & clips from exclusive video gallery of first tweet ever at Gadgets Now. Type your Twitter handle into the search field and it spits out your first-ever tweet in its full, date-stamped glory — typos, clever witticisms, clumsy hashtags and all. by Matt Buchanan. The CIA's first tweet was a joke: CIA @CIA. @elonmusk Tesla solves biggest issue with Autopilot, "inattention" Profound.I pay attention. Most of you must have read the news that Google finally jumped into the Twitter Bandwagon.In their trademark style, they have chosen to announce this in a cryptic way. Barack Obama. However, the real 'first tweet' was sent 10 years ago, before the service was even created. Think of it as an anthropological dig through Twitter. By Michelle Ballestrasse Nov 18, 2020. Their first tweet was essentially this:. Latest first tweet ever News, Photos & Slideshows, Videos from Gadgets Now. I got this in wayback. Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet ever six years ago today. 9 Maybe your first round of tweets shouldn’t be public. Ever the self-promoter, Trump's first tweet was about him appearing on since retired David Letterman's late night show. According to reports this morning, Twitter has withheld the first Tweet from one of its users on copyright grounds. 10 August 2020, 12:23. 10 Some of your first tweets should be interactions with other tweets. 12 Or happy birthday. These are the first 30 tweets ever. By Emma Barnett and Emmabarnett 15 March 2011 • 16:21 pm . BuzzFeed Staff 13 Even happy anniversary (with your company). Hit the link below. Zayn Malik introduced himself in his first tweet in 2010. ... Services such as AllMyTweets also allow you to get a copy of every tweet you’ve ever sent. (Back then, the service was called "Twttr.") Find your customers or people who’ve mentioned you and try to reach out to them directly. Thu, Jan 14, 2021 | Updated 02.27 AM IST Twitter is 7 years old today. Obama's Twitter Debut: President Sends His First-Ever Tweet (PICTURE) President Obama has sent his first Tweet. Back when Twitter was just twttr. Donald Trump is marking his first 100 days in office as president, but his odyssey as “tweeter-in-chief” began more than seven years ago. But when @realDonaldTrump first took to Twitter, he was still just the billionaire host of "Celebrity Apprentice.". In addition to checking your first tweet, you can also check the first tweet sent by any Twitter handle. This is working intermittently at the moment. Or, if you prefer, what would you like it to have been? Twitter celebrates a decade of tweets, its first having been posted on March 21, 2006. We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet. We could call Twitter, the SMS of the internet. With 2020.12.6, City Autopilot now has Intersection Detection (ID). First Tweet. wild night 09:19 AM September 08, 2007 from web. Among Us New Map Glimpsed In Game's First-Ever Tweet; Among Us New Map Glimpsed In Game's First-Ever Tweet. They Tweet, you reply. British climber and mountain guide Kenton Cool has sent the first ever tweet from the summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain. The idea is pretty simple: Create a giant database of people's first tweets. It has attracted great deal of members because of its simplicity and it’s the only social network mainly used by celebrities across the globe. My First Tweet. Obama admitted in November 2009 that he had "never used Twitter" ("My thumbs are too clumsy to type in things on the phone," he explained), which came as a disappoint to avid Twitterers--and his more than 3 million followers on Twitter. History of Twitter’s first tweet ever. 1:49 PM - 06 Jun 14 Reply Retweet Favorite. Check out for latest first tweet ever videos. May 14 edited November -1 in Model 3. Among Us christens its official Twitter feed with a sneak peak at a brand new map, with the promise of more updates to come next month. She needs my brain: Go, Go, NO, Go. Prior to his social media bans in 2021, he frequently used Twitter and other social media platforms to make comments about other politicians, celebrities, private citizens, and daily news. We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet. What was your first tweet? One Direction Fans Resurface Zayn Malik’s Iconic First-Ever Tweet From 10 Years Ago. The sheer irony of the situation has created a frenzy over Twitter as fans flocked to praise Milner for what may have been the most self-aware first tweet ever. Spring is in the air, and you know what that means: it's time to celebrate Twitter's birthday. NEW: Click here to learn how to live stream from your computer. Aptly named First Tweet, the service allows you to discover the first tweet that you sent when you joined the micro-blogging website. How to read your first tweet (and all your other old ones) by Yessi Bello Perez — in Basics. I think the site hasn't quite cleared Twitter's whitelist yet. Filed Under: How-To Tagged With: first tweet, first tweet on twitter, first tweet sent, twitter archives, twitter tools, what was your first tweet About Aaron Aaron is the owner of this social media blog and founder/writer of, a men's fashion blog that shares style & … We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Twitter won't let you go back further than that. However, I have learned that it is the most active social media movement, with over 41 million tweets and retweets. Reply Retweet Favorite. The Queen surprised royal fans when she sent out her first ever tweet from her office's personal Twitter account, British Monarchy. See The First Tweet Ever. 11 Tell someone thank you. 54. If you put in your twitter username I'll save it and run it when things are running again. What a platform, what a journey… The micro-blogging tool, which started as a concept, discussed over Mexican food in a park in San Francisco, has gone on to change the world. I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010 My first Tweet ever - for Elon. or might work for you - if you have less that 3,200 tweets. Explore more about first tweet ever at Gadgets Now Tue, Sep 15, 2020 | Updated 01.31 AM IST It is an accomplished micro blogging service that has taken the world by storm. Beloved Sesame Street stalwart Big Bird has had a Twitter account since 2012, but it remained silent — until today. The first tweet ever was from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. 05:49 PM - 06 Jun 2014. Let us know. Monday marks the fifth anniversary of the first tweet, sent on March 21, 2006 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. ronjolley_93314104. edited 4 years ago. The First 30 Tweets Ever. Twitter Deletes Trump Tweet 'Due to a Risk of Violence' for First Time Ever.